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Musee Habib Bourguiba– The Bourguiba mausoleum is a monumental grave in Monastir, Tunisia, containing the remains of former president Habib Bourguiba, the father of Tunisian independence, who died on April 6, 2000.

Musee du Costume Traditionnel– The permanent exhibition of Traditional Costume of Monastir reflects the history of dress in the region between the nineteenth and early twentieth century to the earliest pieces.

The Lamta Archaeological Museum is an archaeological museum located in Lamta, Tunisia. The museum started in 1992 and its principal role is to explain the history of the area which starts in the 13th-century b.c.e. with the start attributed to Phoenician sailors.

Gallery Espressioni is a lively Gallery & Exhibition Podium. Displays of local artists, art & design fairs…